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EZ Clutch System

Introducing R&Duro's LeverAssist system

The ultimate solution for arm pump and fatigue during extensive rids. Are you tired of struggling to maintain your technique on the bike due to constant pulling on the clutch handle? Our innovative system is here to change the game. Unlike other solutions that require you to increase leverage or change the master cylinder , our patent pending system is mounted over the clutch master cylinder and uses a spring and linkage system to provide external force to assist the rider. This allows you to reduce the pulling force of the clutch handle without any compromises, making it easier to maintain your technique in the hard sections . Plus, the system completely disengages once you release the handle and it's easily adjustable with a single screw. Say goodbye to arm pump and fatigue and keep your technical skills with a single finger on the lever.


Product Features: 

  • The system Fits most Brembo clutch master cylinder.

  • The system includes a foldable handle , the foldable handle has identical engagement point and similar  geometry to stock handle.

  • Our new folding handle includes on the fly tuning, a single roller will assist you dulling in the ideal finger position with a single step, the roller could be adjusted single handed quickly and with gloves. 

  • The system could be mounted with or without handgards. (for open hand guard further modification needed  to the master cylinder adapter). 

  • The system includes handlebar adapter: fits 22mm grip size, the adapter mounts directly to the LeverAssist system and help prevent damages during crash.

Make your ride EZ

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