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Introducing R&Duros's Easy Pull Clutch System

The ultimate solution for arm pump and fatigue. Are you tired of struggling to maintain your technique on the trails due to constant pulling on the clutch handle? Our innovative system is here to change the game. Unlike other solutions that require you to increase leverage or change to a smaller master cylinder piston, our patent pending system is mounted over the clutch master cylinder and uses a spring and linkage system to provide external force to assist the rider. This allows you to reduce the pulling force of the clutch handle without any compromises, making it easier to maintain your technique and enjoy a more comfortable ride. Plus, the system completely disengages once you release the handle and is easily adjustable with a single screw. Say goodbye to arm pump and fatigue and hello to a more enjoyable ride with r&duro's easy pull clutch system.


Product features

1.Fit Braktec clutch master cylinder

2.Comes with a foldable handle with a similar to original geometry

3.With or without handgards 

Braktec EZ Clutch System - Ships by Jul10th

Excluding Sales Tax
Adjustment Ring Color